Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Strange things are happening around here.

So, I guess Mom wasn't the only one who wanted to say "hello". This afternoon I wrote a Christmas memory about my Dad on my Face Book page and stated that I miss him. An hour or so later my son and I went to the store to buy gifts for our dogs (toy candy canes, squeaky toys and rawhide bones) and then to another store to buy poinsettias to take out to my parents' gravesides. It was starting to get dark and by the time we got to the cemetery it was completely dark (and more than a little bit creepy) so we agreed to return in the morning when it was sunnier out there! Anyway... When we went to the first store, it looked like it may start to rain, so I made sure that the windows were all up and the doors locked before entering the pet store. We made that purchase and headed to our second store. Again checking the windows and locking up, we headed in and bought the two plants and returned to the car. I got this weird feeling, can't really describe it, just a feeling as we were walking toward the car. I unlocked the doors and placed the plants in the back seat, and got in. Suddenly I realized what was "off". All four windows were down about a quarter of an inch. I didn't say anything to my son, just rolled them up. By the way, there is no way to operate all four windows at once, you have to hit each switch individually. We got back to the house and I casually asked my husband if there had been anyway that he may have rolled my car windows down (I was at the store, he didn't know where we were and hadn't left the house while we were gone). He said, "It's weird that you asked me that, because last night I noticed that my driver's window was down about a quarter of an inch and thought it was strange."

I immediately made the connection. You see, any time my Dad was in his car he would "crack" the windows, year round. He would race out to the car if it rained to roll up his windows.

I just knew it was him. Merry Christmas Daddy!



rilera said...

Love this.

ashtyn said...

wow that made me cry. i kinda understand how you feel. on fed 5th of last year my grandfather passed away. he was my best friend and was the only one in my family who excepted the truth about my depression. i have expierenced strange things like this to. i had a huge snowboarding crash on fed 26 and broke three organs my neck and tail bone my grandfather was there with me the whole time a man found me a few minutes later and i know my grandfather sent him to save me. im so sorry for u loss but hand in there honey. life is rough but eventially things will get better.